Meet our Team.


Chris Batalon

Chris is our STEM Coordinator and manages the STUDIO program at High Point.  He has worked at Neighborhood House since 2014 and continues to find new ways to teach culturally responsive curriculum to youth. A graduate from the University of Washington, Chris also loves to audio record and engineer music with youth.


Mohamed Ali

Mohamed Ali is a AmeriCorps member with STUDIO serving at Neighborhood House High Point Center. He is currently a student at Bellevue College and plans to transfer to the University of Washington to pursue a degree in International Business and Marketing. He joined AmeriCorps because he wanted to help build a community that understands the importance of STEM and to allow opportunities to those who might not have access otherwise.


Jiyoung Lee

Jiyoung is a PhD sutdent in Multicultural Education in the University of Washington. She has been a reseracher and supporter for the mentors and the youth developing curriculum, appreciating the beauty of diversity that we bring, and most of all, having a great time doing STEM with all STUDIO members. She is interested in building a tight knit community between universities and community organizations creating opportunties for all learners to transform their knowledge into action.


Greg Kusumi

Greg is our STEM Assistant and helps run the STUDIO program with Chris. He also works with the High Point Family Resource Center at Neighborhood House and helps develop local community events as well as programming for children and youth of all ages.  Greg also works for the Neighborhood House High Point Family Resource Center where he creates programming, implements and manages data bases and aids in volunteer recruitment.

Linh Profile.png

Linh Huynh

Linh is our STEM program assistant and previously our ECO intern from the University of Washington. She is going back to obtain her Mater’s in Social Work to pursue counseling to help others within her own community. Within STUDIO, she wants to help in providing resources for the youth, whether that be access to STEM resources or socioemotional learning, by creating and building relationships to help guide them to success.

Past Members


Derek CHEN

Derek was an AmeriCorps member with STUDIO serving at Neighborhood House's High Point Center from 2018-2019. He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology. He is interested in bringing STEM education to the community through intentional programming and relationship building.



Kari graduated from the University of Washington studying Informatics. From 2017-2018, as an undergraduate Lead Mentor, she worked closely with the STUDIO staff and graduate students to ensure that youth and mentors are supported. She also supported the graduate students through documentation for research.



Susie is a master's student in the Learning Sciences and Human Development program in the College of Education at the University of Washington. She conducted research on STUDIO, looking specifically at the mentor-mentee relationship building process. 



Kimia is a senior at the University of Washington, earning a double degree in Biochemistry and Psychology. She was a STUDIO mentor since her freshman year and was one of the undergraduate lead mentors. She collaborated with Neighborhood Staff, as well as the graduate students in the research team in developing curriculum and documenting the youth's progress.



Everet Wang

Everet was an AmeriCorps volunteer from 2017-18 with STUDIO serving at Neighborhood House's High Point Center. He graduated with a degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Washington, and was also a UW mentor to the STUDIO program prior to joining AmeriCorps.