Youth Spotlight

STUDIO's distinguished youth of the month is Ashwaq. She's a helpful, involved youth who is always learning. Ashwaq's favorite activity so far at STUDIO has been the spicy noodle challenge. She remembers the spiciness of the noddles really pumping her up! The noodles were so hot she had to put Vaseline in her mouth later. Her favorite STUDIO mentor is Yobel because he's nice. Ashwaq is looking forward to taking pictures of people for STUDIO's photography unit. She says the part of the photography process that's fun is interviewing people and asking, "how are you?" Ashwaq is looking forward to getting better handling a camera. She remembers one time trying to take a picture of her sister, but pointing the camera the wrong way and taking a picture of herself! Ashwaq is especially interested in taking posed photos. She wants to take pictures of people making funny faces and poses.

Pine Car Derby

Have you ever been interested in cars, and designs that lend themselves well to faster speed and aerodynamics? This week in STUDIO our students got to do just that, as they were able to design their own Pine Car's. Many students felt excited about building the fastest car, and racing them near the end of the curriculum to see who comes out on top. 

Part of the curriculum was learning about how air shifts through a solid object, and how you can manipulate that to create faster speeds. The students used saws, sanders and all kinds of different paints to create the car that they felt best suited them, but also gave them the best chance to win. One of the students felt that it was a great opportunity for them to learn more about how cars are built, and the engineering that goes into them. 

Ultametely, we wanted to give the students a chance to build an understanding of proper aerodynamics, but still have a chance to have fun in the process.