Wanna Join a Club?

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There are many great reasons to join a club: making new friends, finding new hobbies you might not know you enjoyed, and putting it on your college application. There are lots of different clubs already available at your school, but you could create a club literally about anything, so don't be scared to use your imagination.

How to create your own club: 

Step 1: Find an advisor (teacher) who will allow you to use their classroom and be their mentor. 

Step 2: Find a group of friends, or people with common interests, to join your club (about 5, but it can vary)

Step 3: Fill out the correct paperwork at your school’s front office. 

Step 4: Wait for approval    

Perks of Joining a Club

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Mohamed’s favourite club: MSA (Muslim Student Association) “The Muslim Student Association is a worldwide organization open to students of all faiths. Its main goals are to promote an educational and informative outlook of Islam that helps to address and eliminate misconceptions of the religion today” (Orgsync.com, 2019). 

Mohamed’s thoughts: I didn’t join MSA, but actually created the club at my high school when I was a sophomore. I created the club to create an environment where Muslim people and people of other religions had a safe space and were not to be judged. We actually started fundraising and selling food during lunch to try and go on field trips as well. I highly recommend starting your own club if you think your school doesn’t offer one you’d enjoy. That includes video game club, smash club, or even spongebob appreciation club. Look at the bottom of this blog to see how to start your own club.

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Linh’s favourite club: “Key club is one of the biggest high school charity organizations in the country. By joining the Key Club chapter at your high school, you’ll get to engage in various volunteering and charity events in your school and local community. You’ll usually have a minimum requirement of hours every semester to fulfill, and you’ll get to meet new people and give back to your community in the process” (En.wikipedia.org, 2019). 

Linh’s thoughts: “It’s a really dope place to meet new people. There’s a lot of volunteering but it is worth it in the end. There’s a celebration called District Convention, where districts from the entire PNW come to celebrate and network. I would definitely redo it again if the opportunity arises.” 


Chris’s favourite club: “FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) FBLA helps high school students prepare for careers in business through academic competitions (FBLA Competitive Events), leadership development, and educational programs” (FBLA-PBL, 2019). 

Chris’s thoughts: “I was a member of FBLA for 3 years in high school and I gained valuable skills in small business owning. For example: accounting skills, business management, and how to chat with other employees. We were also in charge of the student store so we had to make sure inventory was taken care of, money was counted, and we create a healthy work environment. We also had opportunities for internships for a couple weeks at major corporations that taught me valuable skills in working in the business culture.