Showcase: Fun in the Sun

For those of you that don’t know what showcase is, it is an event that STUDIO hosts to show off to youth, family, and friends of the youth within STUDIO of what they have been doing this entire quarter.

For showcase, the middle schoolers showed off their robotics skills and how they came up with the coding and mechanics of it, but since the high schoolers were working on an event called the Youth Conference that is at the end of this month, they didn’t have visual representations of what they were doing this entire quarter. There showcase will be the actual event of the Youth Conference going down.

This quarter, we decided to take our youth outside instead to have fun in the sun. We held our showcase at Lincoln Park where they got to play outdoors with frisbees, football, volleyball, and we even got to bring over my unicycle for the kids to try. We didn’t get to show off their projects, it became an event were the STUDIO community to come together one last time, until next year, to eat and have fun

Throughout the quarter, they are usually cooped up inside, so we thought that we could reward all of their hard work by having this event outdoors. There are many benefits when it comes to being outdoors, for example…

Overall, everyone had a ton of fun and laughs, especially ending on a water fight, and we hope to continue this traditional