Surprising Thing That Affects Your Brain

Did you know that your thoughts can affect your genes?

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A study was done, by Ohio University, researching the effects of mental stress on healing. They gathered together married couples and gave them blisters on their skin. They were then split into two groups: one group was to have the couples talk about a neutral topic, and the other group was to argue or talk about a topic to dispute. They checked in after a few weeks and found that the blisters healed 40% slower in those who especially had sarcastic, argumentative conversations than those who had neutral ones.

Dawson Church, a researcher and author with a PhD in Integrative Health, Nature Medicine, and Energy Psychology, explains this phenomenon through how signals are sent throughout the body. The body sends a protein signal to activate genes that are connected to healing wounds, which then creates cells as a “blank slate” to create new skin cells to help heal that wound. But when the body’s energy is being used by the production of stress hormones (e.g. cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine, which is caused by stress, it can create a weaker signal of wound-healing genes, thus slowing down the healing process.

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